Band information

Paul Stanley’s birth name was Stanley Bert Eisen, was born on the 20th of January In 1952 Manhattan NYC-raised near Queens. Stanley’s Familys member was his mom who was named Eva -Eisen, who fled Nazi Germany to AmsterdamNetherlands, and then to New York City.  His father’s Name was William Eisen. His parents were from Poland. Stanley was raised Jewish, although he did not consider his family very observant and did not celebrate his Bar Mitzvah. Stanley was the youngest in his family because he had a older Sister. Stanley grew up listening to classical music because stanley’s parents greatly appreciated it. Stanley admired beethoven’s music. When paul stanley was gooing through hard times because of his mishapen ear from a birth defect called microtia; he could not hear out of his right ear and could not find out wheare the sound was coming from,when he was at school he would get bullied he would love to listen to and watch watched American Bandstand on television. His favorite musical artists included Eddie CochranDion and the BelmontsJerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard. Stanley learned to sing harmony with his family, and he was given a child’s guitar at age seven. Stanley’s family relocated to the Kew Gardens neighborhood in Queens in 1960 He listened to a lot of doo-wop music,  but when the Beatles and the Rolling Stones played on U.S. television he was so inspired by them he thought that it wouldnt be out of his reach that he could be a rock star.when he was 13 he got a guitar and played many songs on it like  Bob Dylan, the Byrds, the Lovin’ Spoonful and more. All through his childhood Stanley had been recognized for his talent at graphic arts, so he attended the High School of Music & Art in New York City because he had a knack for art as a graphic artist, after he graduated the high school of music of arts in nyc  he abandoned that as a career, and instead played in bands. The bansd s that he was apart of of before kiss were Rainbow,Post war baby boom,Uncle Joe,wicked Lester. But the band that basically stardedkissicked lester. Stanley met gene simmons in early 70’stogetherin 1970 recorded albumt it has never been released but it wsa on kiss 2001 box set. The band disbanded and wanted to start a new band so Stanley,gene started a new band but before that they had to look for new members Stanley and Simmons answered Peter Criss‘s advertisement in Rolling Stone (August 31, 1972): “Expd. Rock & Roll drummer looking for orig. grp. doing soft & hard music.” Soon after recruiting Criss, they held auditions for a lead guitarist, with Stanley placing an ad in the Village Voice (December 14, 1972). Despite what Stanley, Criss, and Simmons admit was a shaky first impression, Ace Frehley won the group over with his playing, which all admit was nearly a perfect fit to the group’s sound, and with his style, showing up to the audition wearing Converse shoes in two different colors (one red, one orange). After they got all the band members they named the band kisthey released aself-titled debut album in February 1974. Paul stanley was the founder band member of kiss,so he was incharge of writing songs like God of thunder,Rock,roll all night,Fire house,Detroit rock cityI was made for loving you. Paul stanley was a song writer apainter,a author. when t kiss released their solo album Paul stanleys album songs sounded the most like kiss. Paul stanley has a wife,6 kids.